Dick shrugged with a big grin, “Can’t help that you make good cookies.” Megan’s expression changed and it didn’t take a mind reader to know who she was thinking about. Dick smiled a little bit before saying, “Remember when he ate the whole plate of your burned cookies to try and impress you?” That was the equivalent of saying he missed him too, or the best that Dick could muster. She asked about what kind of cookies he’d like, which got another look of pleased indifference, “Chocolate chip?”


She plastered her smile back onto her face, “Chocolate chip, of course. I love chocolate chip cookies.” Miss Martian eased her way through the conversation now that the awkward/depressing flashbacks were through, “Have you ever made cookies for yourself? You’re going to help me, because it’s something that everyone needs to know.” 

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Why did you and Wonder Girl break up, or are you two still together?
- xmissmartian



"We ended it on mutual terms, it—it was for the best. She’s still a great friend and I value Cassie highly as a team member, but dating a teammate was irresponsible of me and we’ve decided to see other people." 

"Robin, I don’t think that dating someone on the team is necessarily an irresponsible thing." Megan playfully rolled her eyes, "Conner and I were a couple for a while, and we did feud for a while after we broke up, but I think that it only strengthened our friendship and bond at the end." She tried to instill her wisdom in her younger teammate, "If you’re happy, it’s worth it." 

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~ {OPEN}


"Perhaps you should do the adding of accessories and it will be most perfect to accustoms of the dancing of the school! I would know from encountering and having the experience of the dancing on one other occasion."


"Really, Starfire?" Megan was curious, "What was the dance like when you went? I’m sure they’re very fun! We used to watch a lot of Earth TV when I was on Mars, and the school dances on the shows always looked so nice. I hope it’s like them." The Martian girl smiled widely, "Accessories, huh? Let’s see what I have!" 


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~ {OPEN}

"What do you think of this? Is this the kind of thing to wear to a school dance? I’ve not been to one before."


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Joining Megan around the kitchen, Dick stayed out of the way. He knew quite well about how Conner had ended up covered in baking ingredients. The former Boy Wonder grinned as he watched everything float around through Megan’s telekinesis, “Sounds like a pretty good plan, I’ve been enjoying your baking a lot recently.” He shrugged, “Well, whenever there’s any laying around.” Dick was usually pretty good at snagging some of Megan’s snacks before anyone noticed him doing so.


"There’s never any laying around." Miss M laughed, "I can barely take them out of the oven before someone eats them!" Her expression became somber as she remembered Kid Flash and his antics with food, but she quickly attempted to shake it off. They had all grieved already…nervously, she asked, "Was their a specific kind of cookie that you wanted? I think that  our kitchen is pretty stocked with all sorts of things we could add in." 

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"If you’re absolutely certain you’re up for that." He said quickly, not knowing much of how Martians and their telepathy worked. Definitely something he should read up on more. Robin contemplated that a moment before responding. "That just might work, I’m almost there." 


M’gann didn’t like the downtime she had waiting for Robin. All she could do was mull over the various ways their attack could go. What if Psimon proved to be more powerful this time? What about their other teammates? Where were they anyway? Why weren’t they online? Were their trackers even functioning? “What if we’re the only ones left…” the Martian found herself mumbling. 


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I’m so sorry that it took so long. But here they are, finally

our lovely YJ ladies in badass mode.

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Hello, Megan!

Hey there! I’m a fairly new Miss Martian RP blog, I’d love it if you checked me out, I’m open to most kind of roleplay and all fandoms!

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"Well, I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to let the younger teammates know that Batman and I aren’t talking very much." Dick usually kept these things to himself, Zatanna had been the one who announced that Nightwing and she had stopped seeing each other, it was never him. The former Boy Wonder smiled a bit and spoke again, "I’d love some cookies now, if you’re free."


"I always have time for a friend." Miss Martian paused for a second, "At least when I’m not out there fighting for the Earth, and you know what, Nightwing? It’s been a dull week here at Mount Justice. Nobody’s needed us, so why not relax and make cookies?” The thought made her happy, they were already in the kitchen since that’s where he had been exercising at the connecting hallway, and the cupboards and refrigerator flew open as she used her telekinesis to get all of the necessary ingredients out onto the counter.

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Red Sting of Fate
- xmissmartian


60. Our muses are destined to fall into each others arms after one has a slip

"Miss Martian - " He dives, just barely able to catch her as she falls. Breathing out a sigh of relief he smiles down to her softly. "Everything good?"

He breathes out a sigh of relief, looking down and back to the martian. “Seriously, Miss M, it’s fine. It’s over… As far as we know.” The last bit, he mutters under his breath. “I’m really more concerned about you.” Robin swallows - everyone on the team knew how dangerous mind battles were.


"Don’t be. I’ll be fine." She was disappointed, but she was a senior member of the team, and she made a rookie mistake. Surely the Justice League was going to unextend their invitation to join them now. "It’s not going to happen again. My memories will soon come back to me…we will find and apprehend who did this." She tried to rally herself. 

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